Turn your digital vision into reality through the power of automation

We are an automation consultancy and managed service provider. We’ll first help you identify your best opportunities for automation - then our digital workforce will run your manual tasks, so your people can do the more important work.

How we help

Our digital workforce will take care of the manual tasks that need to be done across your core processes, so your human workers can focus on more meaningful roles. We’ll help you streamline your business to improve productivity, scalability and make you more competitive
Digitally transform your client services

Our automated solutions will enhance your client services by automating routine tasks, allowing your team to provide efficient, personalised and data-driven experiences.

Continue growth despite a tough labour market

With our digital workforce, you can drive growth without being held back by a lack of talent and resources. We augment your human capacity, so you can seize opportunities without extensive hiring.

Improve process productivity and scalability

We optimise your processes for efficiency and scalability. Our automated solutions handle repetitive tasks, ensuring your operations run smoothly as your business grows.

Reduce the cost of manual labour

By automating manual tasks, we can reduce the costs of duplication and inefficiency. You can re-focus your teams more strategically, reduce hiring costs and improve processes - all without compromising quality.

Improve accuracy and minimise human error

Our automated systems provide near foolproof accuracy, reducing human errors. This enhances the quality of your work, builds trust with clients, and minimises costly mistakes, making your operations more reliable.

We work with the latest digital transformation technology

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Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Automation combines RPA with AI to optimise tasks, increase efficiency, reduce errors, & enhance decision-making in business processes.

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Robotic Process Automation

RPA helps streamline high-volume, rule-based tasks. It's ideal for automation newcomers as it's quick, cost-effective with no need for data transformation.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI/ML lets you elevate automation with more complex data-driven decision-making, which improves over time to drive greater efficiency. 

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Low-code/No-code application platforms

These platforms enable fast app development with visual interfaces. Easily process data to address feature gaps & improve user experiences.

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API development and integration

With APIs, you can blend automation with your legacy systems. Seamless API connections help you connect the dots between new and old tech.

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Data transformation toolsets

Data transformation is a prerequisite for IA to ensure you have clean, structured data for optimal performance, insights, compliance & efficiency.

Our methodology

Our proven methodology will help you identify the right opportunities for automation, implement automated solutions and then continuously improve your business operations.


Through our process mapping approach, we'll help you identify the right opportunities for automation.


We’ll put in place our digital workers to run automated tasks and manage them to ensure everything runs smoothly.


We’ll continue to turn your digital vision
into reality, working with you to identify new opportunities for automation.

Our wide range of use cases span multiple industries and business functions

Typical outcomes of automation


faster order processing time

Through process automation, the order processing time can be reduced by 50% enabling quicker customer order fulfilment and improving overall efficiency


reduction in error rates

Automation can lead to a significant reduction in manual errors, resulting in a 25% decrease in error rates. This enhances data accuracy, minimises rework, and improves customer satisfaction.


increase in employee productivity

By automating routine and time-consuming tasks, your employees can focus on more strategic activities. This can lead to a 40% increase in productivity, allowing your team to engage in higher-value tasks.

With Autaro’s support we’ve streamlined our core finance processes, plugged many feature gaps in our legacy technology and freed our team to focus on the things that really matter.

Steve Harris

Central Business Finance

Want to turn your digital vision into reality?

Autaro combines discovery, strategy, data, implementation and managed services to help you automate the right 
processes, with the right technology.

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